As seen in British Vogue, TATLER and Pebble Magazine
As seen in British Vogue, TATLER and Pebble Magazine
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How do I keep my bag clean?

Cork: Your bag can be cleaned with a small amount of soap and water. Please do not use any abrasives, chemicals or products. 

Piñatex: Your bag can be cleaned using a cloth soaked in warm soapy water. If your bag is heavily soiled, you can rinse with lukewarm water but never fully submerge the product as this may cause irreversible damage. 

Do I need to treat it?

Cork: You do not need to treat your bag with anything. Just wipe it clean with a small amount of soap and water.

Piñatex: You can use a natural colourless wax on you bag. Apply a small amount to a dry, soft cloth and rub sparingly in a circular motion until fully absorbed. Do not use too much wax as it may not fully absorb. Leave your bag to dry naturally for 24 hours or buff the wax off with a dry cloth or soft brush.

How strong is it?

Cork: Due to the honeycomb like structure of cork your bag is strong and durable (and water resistant!). It will last as long as leather and is as strong.

Piñatex: Piñatex is a lightweight but very durable material.

What will my bag feel like?

Your bag will be extremely smooth and lightweight!

Are your bags Vegan?

Yes, all of our bags and accessories are vegan, we do not use any animal products.

Do you send worldwide?

Yes, we can send your items to you anywhere in the world! 

Can I return my product?

Yes, you have 30 days to return your product if there is something wrong with it. Please see our Returns Policy.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, please contact us for wholesale opportunities on