As seen in British Vogue, TATLER and Pebble Magazine
As seen in British Vogue, TATLER and Pebble Magazine
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What is Piñatex?

Raw Angel Apparel has designed a range of stunning bags using the innovative, plant-based material Piñatex.

Piñatex by Ananas Anam is a natural, non-woven material made from pineapple leaf fibre, it versatile, lightweight and durable making it perfect for bags and accessories!

Piñatex starts its journey in the Philippines where the pineapple leaves, a by-product of pre-existing agriculture industry, are collected. The plants leaves are processed to extract the fibres and these are manufactured into a non-woven substrate that is then taken to Spain and the UK to be finished. 

Piñatex is a PETA approved vegan product, no animal products are used in the production process. The dyes used for Piñatex are GOTS approved and the resins comply with AFIRM standards.

What do we love about Piñatex? It is:

  • Soft to touch
  • A sustainable plant based material
  • Vegan
  • A Leather alternative
  • Ethically Sourced
  • Innovative
  • Ecological
  • Water resistant
  • Socially Responsible
  • Low environmental impact
  • PETA Approved